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The Gate Fragrances Paris is established in 2015 by Fady Adwan. Its inspired from mystery of the gate which gives life-changing impressions whoever open it. To feel the emotions, you have to pass from THE GATE OF LOVE. Our very first collections of 8 top quality Eau De Parfums are known as LOVE COLLECTION. We are aiming to connecting the world’s humanity, culture, music, arts, and heritage by our smells.

The set of 4 fragrances, born within the new seductive CARAVAN COLLECTION, reflects a desire to reach the ultimate point of perfection. Hypnotizing with the secret of the unknown, they are a constant move to the daring paradise.

Rich oriental motives and addictive combination of classical Middle Eastern accords with a new breath of freshness evolve into unforgettable journey along the Silk Road though the winding desert sands.

Love Collection

Caravan Collection

Tailor-made service