A House of good, beautiful, ethical perfumes.

Founded in 2017 by Ludovic Bonneton, the House BON PARFUMEUR was born from a desire for an original collection, laying the foundations for a renewal of perfumery. With the aim of giving the world a bit of soul, the House of BON PARFUMEUR follows its founder’s taste for beautiful, meaningful works of art in general, and beautiful perfumery in particular.

Les classiques

Contemporary creations, today’s classics.

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Spicy, Ambery

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302 Ambre Iris Santal

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Rare and intense collection with exceptional ingredients.

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The House is nourished by avowed paradoxes that dictate its ambitions - To perpetuate the heritage of the ages, but to take the path of the crossroads. To become a niche brand, but to covet a form of universality.

A House built on a positive philosophy - Through the rediscovered art of perfumery, breathe poetry into everyday life. Through the preserved craftsmanship of the associated trades, guarantee an origin, a know-how, a spirit. A whole mentality. A perfumery that keeps the promise of its name.

BON PARFUMEUR - as its name suggests. Everything in the perfume created is of the highest quality. Awareness of things well done, transparency and integrity, values at the roots of the House of BON PARFUMEUR, require that all those involved in the creation of perfume are committed to giving the best of themselves by the honor of their profession. A personal and common ethic.

At BON PARFUMEUR, the search for beauty drives sensorial creation. It is not only about smell, but also about the object associated with it, through its graphic and tactile universe. The art of perfume superimposes so many senses, everyone deserves to be flattered. The whole thing calls for coherence. From the detail to the whole, the attention is absolute.

For BON PARFUMEUR, perfume is a pleasure to share, both poetic and concrete. The emotions to be aroused are essential and universal. They are called joy of life, generosity, love. Around these expressed properties, the community already formed is promised to grow, with new followers each time seduced by the obvious simplicity and sincerity of the message. More than 900 points of sale (concept stores and independent perfumeries) are today the spokespersons of this philosophy.