The Olfactory Families

More than 1500 ingredient are available for the noses to create.

So many natural or synthetic raw materials allow the perfumer to unleash their unlimited creativity.

In order to help the perfumes lovers, some olfactories families were created in the 19th century to classsify all perfumes !

Discover those families and their facets and explore the marvellous world of perfumes !


This family spans the largest number of fragrances. Often romantic, florals may be a single-flower soliflore or a rich bouquet. Each flower offers up its own facets: depending on its origin or extraction method, the rose, for example, can deliver crisp and green scents or darker notes of ripe, sweet, jam-like red fruit.


Evoking vanilla, caramel, whipped cream, fruit, or powdered sugar, this family is deliberately seductive, enchanting and regroups some very distinctive scents. Ideal for making a statement and standing out in a crowd.