Since 2011, Jovoy has been known as "The Embassy of rare perfumes in Paris" by industry professionals, perfume lovers and journalists. It's an expression that François Hénin particularly appreciates and that perfectly suits the mission of Jovoy boutiques: to promote rare perfumes across the world."

With our "TRY ME" sampling service, the online store becomes an extension of the in-store experience. We are pleased to offer all of our customers the opportunity to discover many of the fragrances available at Jovoy, by purchasing samples on our website. Each sample comes with a blotter detailing its olfactory pyramid, so you can smell and re-smell the fragrance over and over again.

Still hesitating? Order the TRY ME of the perfume you want to test: we will refund them to you when you buy your future fragrance in large size! ( The offer works only the month after buying the sample.)

If the client buy multiple Try Me of the same reference, he will get a single reduction equivalent to the unit price of one sample.