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" If I’ve learned anything during these long months of COVID, it’s that no matter what our circumstances, ALL our lives have been disrupted and complicated -- yes, even traumatized -- to a certain degree, and we ALL need some kind of solace and support to help us along our way.

I was especially moved that some of you, through Instagram direct messages, shared personal hardships you obviously did not report in your public posts – illnesses or death of friends or family members; complications with jobs, family, home life, or childcare; loss of energy; loss of hope.

So in March when François Hénin first suggested that I compose a sample box of Jovoy fragrances, my first thought was to make my selection according to associated positive, soothing, or healing qualities. As I went about smelling perfumes and colognes, a ‘benefic’ fragrance cycle began to evolve, starting with ‘Trust’, which for me is an essential starting point for moving from sadness/despair towards inspiration.

 Of course as in any cycle, there’s no fixed beginning or ending, and “Sarah Colton’s Fragrances for Challenging Times” is meant to be sampled and savored starting from wherever you are, or however you may be feeling in your life or your day, to be repeated as often as you like or need, in hopes of finding sanctuary, and perhaps even a special fragrance or two you’d like to make your own.

With warm regards and much affection,


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