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Jovoy's Blog

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  • From the painting to the bottle

    03/19/2019 Jovoy

    Inspired by master piece, the three new masculine perfume with strong personalities perfectly complete the existing MDCI Collection. In... Read more
  • Volcano - Carner Barcelona

    03/14/2019 Jovoy

    The last creation from the Black Collection by Carner Barcelona celebrates the fascinating strength of a volcano. Like a sentence resonating from... Read more
  • New Splash Cologne

    03/13/2019 Jovoy

    The new splash cologne by  Jardins D'Écrivains are in ! Will you fall in love with the musky freshness of the L'eau de Louÿs or for the ambery... Read more
  • Plume Impression

    03/04/2019 Jovoy

    Plume Impression is an artistic brand  expressing the duality of a feather being fragile yet very strong. Plume stands for freedom, sophistication... Read more
  • Paysages olfactifs - Chabaud

    02/28/2019 Jovoy

    With Ile Mythique , Orangerie Musicale et Rose Orage , the French House Chabaud created three new journeys in the scented landscape of... Read more
  • Spiritual by Martine Micallef

    02/27/2019 Jovoy

    Discover spiritual, the new opus of the secret of love collection by M. Micallef . Airy and luminous, Spiritual highlights jasmine... Read more
  • Zen walk in Kyoto

    02/21/2019 Jovoy

    New trip, new inspiration for the perfumer Sonia Constant who shares with us her experience at the Buddhist temple Daisen In in Japan. She... Read more
  • Welcome to Beso Beach

    02/19/2019 Jovoy

    With its restaurants and private beaches, Beso Beach is one of the references in term of party, gastronomy and farniente . The three "Beso"... Read more
  • Christian Provenzano

    02/14/2019 Jovoy

    Talented perfumer, Christian Provenzano signed numerous creations for numerous brands. After working for other, he decided to deliver more personal... Read more
  • Scents from Oman

    02/13/2019 Jovoy

    Inspired by the spices business in oman, Oman Luxury exalt the oriental treasures like oud, grey amber, saffron, rose, and of course incense, in 5... Read more
  • Jovoy opens its door to Domaine Privé.

    02/07/2019 Jovoy

    A collection of 5 fragrances inspired by the vegetable kingdom and its infinite poetry. A pure and elegant olfactory writing, around a main and... Read more
  • Urban Vetiver

    01/30/2019 Jovoy

    Each Other , the new creation of the THOO collection, is a tribute to Milano and its audacious nights. Mugworth, grapefruit and citrus evoke a... Read more
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