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Jovoy's Blog

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  • The Pléiade in perfumes

    10/12/2018 Jovoy

    Jardins d'ecrivains introduces its new collection inspired by three major poetic works. To translate into perfume Exil de Saint John... Read more
  • Legends in a bottle

    10/11/2018 Jovoy

    In the south of India, in the Malabar region, some amazing turquoise parrots keep the lush Kerala forest. The legend tells that the parrots are the... Read more
  • Xerjoff : XJ Ouds

    09/28/2018 Jovoy

    Xerjoff enhances the oud of different region with the most beautiful raw materials, in its new attar collection. Kampuchea Noir is a... Read more
  • Alexandre J. : "E" Collection

    09/27/2018 Jovoy

    Three visual artists with their own universe collaborate with Alexandre J to illustrate their new modern, bold and colorful collection. E-1... Read more
  • Parisian delights.

    09/21/2018 Jovoy

    The Parisian house BDK Parfums introduces two new olfactive adventures : one the one hand, a blazing cherry scent and on the other hand a sensual... Read more
  • Imitation: The new duo by Amouage

    09/14/2018 Jovoy

    Imitation , The new duo by Amouage draw its inspiration from the 70's NYC, right in the heart of the golden age of alternatives cultures/... Read more
  • New Jovoy !

    09/12/2018 Jovoy

    As daylight starts to decline, a schooner is busy readying itself to dock. It’s distinctive lines leave no doubt to the sharpened eye of an... Read more
  • Memories of a love night.

    09/11/2018 Jovoy

    The perfumes of Tendre Nuit mix in the muffled decor of a bedroom : the rose petals blend with the intensity of almond and vanilla. The name... Read more
  • Val d Orcia - Tuscany 100% natural

    09/07/2018 Jovoy

    Let's go on a trip to Italy this weekend with the latest creation of the Parfumeurs du Monde ? With Val D'Orcia , Thierry Bernard carries... Read more
  • Temptation scent...

    08/31/2018 Jovoy

    Nobile introduces its new perfume inspired by temptation : Malus Forbidden fruit, the juicy apple meets the precious resins of incense,... Read more
  • Majda Bekkali is back !

    08/28/2018 Jovoy

    Majda Bekkali is back at Jovoy, introducing also a new collection of two fragrances inspired by Andalusia ! The poetic bottles, the... Read more
  • Chris Collins Perfumes in Paris !

    08/25/2018 Jovoy

    Discover the Chris Collins collection exclusively at Jovoy ! Three perfumes inspired by Harlem. Read more
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