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Initial creation in 1937 by Paul Vacher

Reissued by Rodrigo Flores-Roux / GIVAUDAN

Rodrigo Flores-Roux has a romantic, very personal affair with Jasmin du Galion, originally created in 1937 by Paul Vacher. The memory of his English teacher, to whom he said "You smell absolutely wonderful" as a teenager ... and who takes a jasmine atomizer out of his bag. After 30 years in perfumery, he always comes back to smelling this bottle, which he always keeps preciously .. it is the perfume, AND the flower that indulges, and that gives without stopping. He rethinks it and loves it in this reissue.

An upheaval of the white flower, animal and filled with nectar ... an exacerbated naturalism, fawn, but with a dose of intellectuality, by this dressed chypre, couture ... If the marriage between patchouli and the almost earthy delicacy of the rose is natural, immediate and obvious, coupling the voluminous character of jasmine with the strength of patchouli is not easy to achieve. In this shower of Jasmine, the two opposing royalty of perfumery dance together ... and Rodrigo admits to being very proud of it.

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