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Spicy, Floral, Oriental


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Reading is like magic. An emotion that has neither time nor place, immortalised in a word on the page and therefore ready to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

“The idea of 1001", the new fragrance from NOBILE 1942, says Stefania Giannino, Artistic Director for this Genovese brand, “is precisely this sense of continuity, of waiting, of seduction by words. Nobody gives a better idea of the power of seductive story-telling than Scheherazade, the heroine in Arabian Nights, who managed to enchant the man who wanted to kill her with her 1001 tales. It was this very book, which I adore and which I discovered in the original language during my studies of Arabic at L’Orientale university, that gave me the input for 1001."

The main player in this fragrance is Papyrus, the writing medium par excellence, since the dawn of civilisation and through to relatively recent times. The fragrance opens on a lively, bright note, with the fresh spices of elemi, fresh ginger and pink pepper interwoven with the juiciness of Red tea, reflecting the optimism and patience of this woman who tells wonderful stories, night after night. The middle accord releases carnal and feminine Rose. There is the Curcuma absolute that, together with Saffron, warms its sensual floral heart​.

Alcohol, Aqua, Parfum, Limonene(5989-27-5), Linalool(78-70-6), Eugenol(97-53-0), Coumarin(91-64-5), Citral(5392-40-5), Geraniol(106-24-1), Benzyl Benzoate(120-51-4), Benzyl Alcohol ( 100-51-6), Citronellol(106-22-9)

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