Remember Me

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Remember Me

Oriental, Gourmand

Remember Me

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€120.83 (Tax Excl.)

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Extravagant Trail
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How many times have you let yourself be taken by surprise and found yourself enticed by a fragrance wafting from a café terrace, captivated by scent of a secret garden — or perhaps beguiled by an unforgettable perfume worn by a stranger in a crowd? And how many times have you secretly wished to be that anonymous stranger who captivates merely by virtue of a perfume?

Like perfectly formed exotic dancers, frangipani flowers engage in an elaborate, spellbinding choreography. As the enchantment takes hold, a plume of traditional chai tea perfects the charm. Ginger and cardamom set ablaze an irresistible cloud of milky, gourmand notes.

A spell in the guise of a perfume that murmurs Remember Me.

Alcohol Denat. (SD alcohol 39-C) , Parfum (Fragrance) , Aqua (Water) , Benzyl Salicylate, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Geraniol, Coumarin

François Hénin

Artistic Director's Word

Another true story! At the very first Jovoy franchise, in Qatar, Cecile Zarokian did us the favor of leading a workshop on the perfumes she created. In our spare time, we toured the bazars, smelling the spices, bakhoors, and attars in search of a creative spark, a lead that might inspire a future Jovoy fragrance. It was while savoring a Karak late at night on the Doha corniche that she had the idea of blending the spicy tea, enriched with milk and lots of sugar, with the sumptuous scent of frangipani flowers permeating the night air. The ideal perfume for a memorable fragrance trail. "