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Serena Galini's perfume, Auditorium, was created during a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome (one of two main treaties that forms the constitutional basis of the European Union). On this occasion brand owner Isabelle Prin Du Lys was invited to install her olfactory workshop in the sumptuous garden of the Lieu d'Europe.

Auditorium is a perfume that aims to capture 'The Spirit of Europe'. Using only plant absolutes and essences that are endemic to the continent, it's a true invitation to travel. It's aromas transport us all across the EU: citruses and wildflowers whisper of the Amalfi Coast, the lavender tugs at sunswept memories of the south of France, whilst the collection of oakmoss, lichen and pine needles represent the primary forests of the European heartland. 

Auditorium was made by natural perfumer extraordinaire, Thierry Bernard and comes presented in an imposing walnut wood case - which was created and fashioned with care in the cabinet making workshop of the Sonnenhof Foundation. 

Biological Alcool, Water, natural fragrances, Limonène, Citral, Linalol, Coumarine, Benzyl benzoate,  Geraniol  

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