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€150.00 (Tax Excl.)


A brand new niche brand « Parfums de Nietzsche » a two-in-one bottle and two fragrances to be worn separately or mixed together. 

The first double perfume of the brand is "Superman" (to understand « superhuman », ubermensch,  which gives it a mix and unisex dimension) :  the transparent one awakens the soul of the Superhuman (the elevation of oneself), the black one finds madness in him (the power of the living). 


"There is always a little madness in love, there is always a little reason in madness » Nietzsche


United, They will create something more than just a mixture: the search for the best dosage by users, relying on their sense of taste and proportion : The user decides and becomes what he is.

Black Side : A gorgeous accord  « chocolate-leather » , wrapped in an amber black iris supported by a vetiver patchouli accord, which sublimates the strength and power of the living.

White side : A creamy ginger, iridescent floral, delicately woody and sprinkled with spicy notes, a wind of freedom that brings the human towards elevation and self-control.