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  • Head Notes Pink Peppercorns
    Pink Peppercorns
  • Heart Notes Geranium
  • Base Notes Incense
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Nose: Philippine Courtiere

An inspiration of creating a smoky incense aroma twisted with the warmth and sweetnes of amber and honey. Samahram, a rich and smoky fragrance, that charms your senses with honey, musk, amber and leather in it veins, binding as it flows.

Ethanone, Acetic acid anhydride, Cyclohexanol Cyclohexene, Terpineol Methanoazulene, Butanone Benzeneethanol, Octadien Cyclohexanol, Octadien Pyran, Benzoic acid, Octadienal Oxabicyclo, Bicyclo, Penten Cyclohexanemethanol, Phenol Ethanone, Bicyclo, Octadien Benzoic acid, Octadien, Bicyclo Buten, Bicyclo, Cyclohexanol Benzenepropanal, Benzodioxole

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