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“The creation of each fragrance begins with a long, well-thought out idea to elicit emotions from a simple combination of noble raw materials”

Jean-François Cabos



"It’s couture!" This early compliment paid to our perfume compositions gave rise to the name Atelier-Flou. The term ‘couture flou’ is suggestive of carefully handcrafted work, artistic craftsmanship, diaphanous textures and free-flowing cuts. This draping technique does not aim at molding fashion to a specific body shape but rather at unfolding an entire universe around a silhouette. A dress with a flou cut is worn like an aura. Flou is not a hasty form of fashion that downplays the shapes it is intended to embellish. On the contrary, just like le flou in painting which expresses intensity and depth, the flou technique in couture brings to light the possibilities of form in the delineation of form. Like muslin in haute couture, our fragrances are vaporous trails that we gladly wear for the comfort of the body and soul. Flou creation is a magical process as it uses raw materials to take them to new heights.


Haute parfumerie is a noble centuries-old craft, the great tradition of which is perpetuated by Maison Atelier-Flou. The master perfumers of Atelier-Flou meticulously choose the rarest natural essences, blending them patiently with unique known-how based on experience, passion and a few well-kept secrets, until the desired composition takes shape. 


We cultivate the taste for novelty in a way that respects the passing time. We do not follow trends or fashions, nor strive to astonish or surprise, but simply create for the pleasure of formulating subtle, well-balanced, refined and vibrant harmonies.  Discovering and wearing these harmonies will bring you pleasure, hour after hour, and day after day.

Tailor-made service