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Sospiro is a niche luxury fragrance house, developed in coordination with Xerjoff that draws inspiration from a creative marriage between Italy and the Middle East. Focused on integrating fragrant imagery from a rich and colorful heritage that inspires the imagination and touches the senses, Sospiro is a graceful balance of the old and the new.


Focusing on an artistic approach to creating a truly sophisticated and fragrant experience, Sospiro perfumes are created by internationally recognized perfumers throughout Europe & under the guidance of Xerjoff perfumes, an internally renowned perfumery based out of Torino-Italy known for creating some of the most opulent and rarest scent in the world.

Sospiro is a brand collected by only the most sophisticated and discerning perfume collector. Sospiro is a 6 perfume collection, all of which are inspired by classic musical terms that underline the character and performance of the scent itself.

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