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Every memory was once a real life experience. Or was it?

Memories tend to fade over time, like old photographs whose colours fade and blend together.

While some memories remain vivid in our minds, others become distorted and inconsistent. Yet the sense of smell allows us to vividly bring back past experiences like nothing else.

We carry the brightest moments of joy as well as moments of sadness with us. Life's happiest moments cannot be fully appreciated without knowing the sadness of loss. Life exists in this delicate dance of light and shadow.

V/SITEUR's creations will take you to specific places and times. Precise places and moments in time. Each with its own balance of light and darkness. Just like life itself.

Sensations are temporary. Memories fade. In the end, we are just
just visitors in our own reality.

-Janne Rainer Vuorenmaa - Founder

Tailor-made service