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Arabian Culture is Praised all over the world for its hospitality and generosity. It originated from the desert but has spread to every Arabian House, in every village, every city and every country.. to make this house, your Home.

From the second you cross the doorstep, you are immersed in scents. From Bakhoor to the smell of warm coffee, Or simply the smell of history that the walls are baring.

Every home has a specific scent, and with every scent a new experience starts, and experience that will mark your memory forever.

This memory can only be awakened through this magical composition of this specific scent...

This is What «Anfas» promise to you.


Asim Al Qassim is the founder of ANFAS and the first certified Emirate Perfumer. As an architect, passionate about arts, music and culture, his aesthetic sense, together with his passion for the scents, renders his signature unmistakable: a visionary, empathetic and modern style tied to traditions, to kindness of the soul and to the importance of details.

The essence of Arabian Home

Watan Collection

Tailor-made service