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The Noble Royale perfume collection was created as a mark of respect for the royal houses and traditions of the past. Each fragrance expresses the character of the most charismatic representatives of royal families: from different eras and different countries, with different principles and tastes.

We created not only aromatic portraits of people, but also an aromatic picture of that time and the life that our heroes led. Truly royal luxury royal parks and greenhouses, baths and boudoir, clothes and jewelry, porcelain and fabrics. Exquisitely dressed leather, the softest suede and gorgeous furs. Transparent batiste, sparkling satin, leather slipping on silk and caressing velvet. Fragrant tobacco, fine wines, delicate chocolate and fantastic desserts. Everything made for royal families was distinguished by the highest quality, refinement, nobility, brought pleasure and satisfied the most subtle taste.

And now we want to give our contemporaries this luxury and refinement: our fragrances will make you feel like a special royal blood, for which the most precious and beautiful is intended.

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