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We created ‘Une Nuit Nomade’ to elegantly awaken your desire to roam from continent to continent, in  search of fascinating and breathtaking destinations.

‘Une Nuit Nomade’ is also an invitation to a motionless journey where each inch of skin becomes a new frontier, meant to reveal a new fragrance, a new emotion.

The art of travel is to imagine lands, to step into the unknown, to leave your homeland in order to return enriched by an invaluable experience.

Becoming an olfactory wanderer means sailing toward a  new world where old habits are left behind. It means changing perfumes like you change scenery ; it means exploring the chemistry of the untamable and being playful with the invisible.

It’s adopting a philosophy of life, a sense of curiosity, a desire to take an another form and become floral, oriental, citrus, woody, an adventurer or a romantic.

Our quest for a fragrant world is limitless.


Bali collection : Fleur des Fleurs, Suma Oriental, Mr Vetiver & Murmure des Dieux.

Montauk collection : Memory Motel, Rose America & Bohemian Soul.


Une Nuit à Bali

Une Nuit à Montauk

Une Nuit à Oman

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