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A marriage of pure crystal and exceptional fragrances, Aeria Prestige and Aeria Luxe are the two lines in the first collection by the young label La Cristallerie des Parfums. Crafted in the best technical traditions of perfumery and glass-making, this collection is the work of the most accomplished craftsmen and is, as such, a paean to French creativity and know-how.

The five fragrances in this first collection are all the result of complex formulas, done in the difficult traditional “tiroirs” technique, developed in close partnership with Parfums Charrier, one of the rare French perfumers who still master this technique in all its intricacy.

Simple, natural components – mandarin, citrus, apple, bergamot, vetiver, jasmine, rose – combine to create unique fragrances, that evolve through the day to offer a wonderful range of sensory impressions.

The richness of the fragrance is enhanced by the elegant pure glass vials of the Luxe line. In the Prestige line, they are transcended by the unique creations of its hand-crafted bottles, in which La Cristallerie des Parfums’s glassblowers melt gold and crystal in the most refined tradition of French craft.

With this collection, La Cristallerie des Parfums restores French perfume to all its glory, in the purest tradition of luxury, arts and crafts.

Aerie Luxe Boisée Fleurie

Aerie Prestige Fleurie

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