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It begins in 1873, when the term „Wiener Blut“ (literally: Viennese blood) is famously coined as the idiosyncrasy of Viennese socialites. The formulas and fads of the eclectic, mulitculural Habsburg Empire continuously inspire our creations.



We believe that great fragrances are like treasured secrets, giving the most pleasure to those who carry them. Our formulas are built to whisper, not to shout. Listen carefully to the stories they tell.We love the complexity of natural raw materials and use them generously.



We believe luxury is a result of seasoned craftsmanship, fine materials and timeless design. Our bottles are made especially for us in a small European manufactory. Because of the hand finishing, each bottle will charm you with individual irregularities.


Our caps are made of ivory bakelite, a material most notably used in the early nineteen hundreds. Because the production is costly and takes time, bakelite has become rare nowadays. We love its smooth, warm touch and organic surface feel. For quality reasons and to keep our carbon footprint low, all components of our packaging are made in western Europe.

Tailor-made service