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As a perfume connoisseur, Neela had a keen awareness of the difference good natural raw materials can make. She began her work with Bertrand Duchaufour by giving him free rein to use a costly palette of attars and resins that would do justice to the sensual splendors of India. The result?

Eight formulas rich with natural oud, rose and jasmine essentials, real Mysore sandalwood and other flowers and spices at concentrations that would frankly be considered ridiculous by commercial standards. You will recognize these superior ingredients - from the first spritz to the lengthy dry-down... 

For the India series, the three initial perfumes are a tribute to three different eras of Indian history spanning thousands of years, fast forwarding from the spiritual tranquility of ancient India to the cultural and architectural splendors of courtly life during the Moghul era and the British occupation, finishing with the chaos and dynamism of modern India illustrated by the maximum city of Mumbai (Bombay). 

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