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Stéphanie d'Hauteville creates, with her brothers Arthur and Thomas, Maison d'Hauteville, a house that creates delicate, refined fragrances, in their own image.

Because of the inspiration that runs within their family from generation to generation, Audacity is in order; In parallel with their own trades, they continue the creative adventure of their father, Roland, who, from the Protestant Bank museum to the jewelery Place Vendome, gave them a taste for risk and beauty.

With six hands, they create perfumes which awaken memories of the Basque family home "Oberena", the cartridge leather of their father, and sparkling women encountered in Saint Germain des Prés. The powerful and evocative fragrances reveal themselves fully to the nose of the initiates, like a promise from the past that forges the future.

The century weapons of the family, bearers of noble values and a romantic history, are reinvented to imagine a singular future, a horizon always open. The history of a heartfelt family, in love with freedom, like Roland d'Hauteville, a flamboyant man, is thus a legend.

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