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"You see, a scent awakens the mind." Victor Hugo

When creating the world of Jardins D’Écrivains, Anaïs naturally combined two of her passions, gardens and literature. Inevitably, she eventually expressed her complicity with certain writers through scent. A trail of scent is so evocative, and can be the vehicle for a memory or a poem. Symbolizing an era, a character or a place with a perfume arouses the soul of an investigator in Anaïs as she seeks out every relevant detail so that she, too, can tell a beautiful story.

Jardins D’Écrivains offers beautiful products that are sober, refined and worthy of the subject. The world of scents thus comes in the form of perfumes, cologne, bath and candles. Like so many strolls through the countryside, the inspiration for our favorite authors…

Both giving and receiving an intelligent gift is a gratifying experience…

Far removed from futuristic trends, Jardins D’Écrivains speaks to us of literary giants who traverse the various eras and still have the power to transcend…

Jardins D’Écrivain perfumes tell olfactory stories connected to both places and disposition. They evoke humour, attitude, intimacy... Each fragrance is complex, with multiple facets, leaving a scent which, note by note, allows you to discover the numerous nuances of personality. Through George, Gigi and La Dame aux Camélias, Jardins D’Écrivains explores freedom, casualness and voluptuousness. 

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