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Tiziana Terenzi is a family story, a three generation passion about creation, craftsmanship and candles. Tiziana and Paolo have decided to create this new fragrance range as a tribute to their father. They naturally get their inspiration from fire, the fire of candles.

The hypnotic power and beauty of fire are always present in our lives, connecting us with great symbolic power to our emotions.

The four new perfumes embody the four stages of a journey consumed by fire. In fire, every emotion, every image, every fragrance comes to life and exists independently from our thoughts. The creation of these fragrances comes from the never-ending quest to depict and capture emotions.

Tiziana Terenzi is not just a perfume, but an actual journey through the emotions and memory with no artistic compromises; a representation of the true essence of life, including its imperfections, tensions, dissonances, all of which make the moment simply beautiful.

The focus is still on unique creations, natural and valued raw materials, and painstaking attention to detail, because every single creation that leaves the premises is a child of this family.


Anniversary Collection

Sea Star Collection




Luna Stars


Tailor-made service