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Having moved to France at a very young age, Samuel AKATA conserved of his african youth a mouthful of memories strongly marked by heady or subtle odors. His career having begun in the shadow of famous fashion designers quickly drove him to succesfully launch his cosmetic line “Au Bonheur des Hommes” in the parisian market. Today, it is his desire to share the reminiscent love of  his childhood's scents that has lead him to create his first line of perfume.

One has yet to hear him evoque in a conversation of familiar nature, mixing dreams with faraway realities, all the familiar smells of his early childhood. Smells of campher, talcum powder, warm bread, fresh oranges, coffee and cocoa, complete his world as a happy child. Following the terms of “Eternal Gentleman”, he constructs in our intention, a universe filled with warm and various fragrances.

Having left to experienced chemists the care of formulating the perfumes he dreams of, he brings them to life by imagining all of the worlds, real or oneiric, in which he will invite you to enter.

Tailor-made service