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Parfumeurs du Monde stemmed from the meeting of 6 passionate creative perfumers, lovers of natural aromatic ingredients.

Creating a 100% natural perfume is complex, starting with the use of high quality essences and a talented nose which is essential in order to avoid that the odours are simply superposed. IsabelleGellé, Perrine Scandel, Thierry Bernard, Michel Roudnitska, Jean-Claude and Eric Gigodot have decided to take up this challenge and partnered to create a 100% natural perfume collection, presented in the form of 5 scented travel diaries.

A new image of French perfumery

Parfumeurs du Monde do not wish to enter into the ‘’synthetic versus natural’’ discussion and prefer to write the olfactory tale of one country from a palette of 100% natural essences, some of which are endemic. Their writing style is free, tinged with their memories, meetings and emotions, inspired by their journeys. Each perfumer unveils a perfumed often faraway land, enriched by its identity and generosity. Behind each essence, there is the story of a human being, a land, a life.

« Let yourself come upon these olfactory notes which will develop throughout the day and unleash with your skin for a perfect and unique harmony»

Committed to supporting Coeur de Forêt, a non-profit organisation

Ethics is at the heart of all our actions, relations and perfumes. With this collection, Parfumeurs du Monde also strive to create a positive environmental, social and economic impact in the producing countries of natural raw materials and to bring their contribution to Tomorrow’s world. Parfumeurs du Monde are thus committed to supporting the non-profit association Coeur de Forêt whose activity aims at participating to an economic model and protecting Nature and those who inhabit it. Parfumeurs du Monde donate a percentage of their sales to Coeur de Forêt and source some of their raw materials from the Organic and Fair Trade channels, developed by the organisation

Tailor-made service