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Liquides Imaginaires is a new brand of mystique perfumes, born  from the creative forces of Philippe Di Méo, designer-creator, and David Frossard, distributor-philosopher.  

Enticed by smell, the duo has transformed perfume into a magical substance.

ThreeTrilogies, nine exceptional fragrances, interior scents, international luxury distribution. After two years together, they have marked out a singular olfactory territory.

Liquides Imaginaires are volatile bodies that help leave the material world and cross into imaginary, intimate worlds, where the spirit scatters to explore other horizons and new desires.


Eau de L’âme

Les humeurs

Eaux de L'est

Les Eaux-Delà

Les Eaux Sanguines

Les Eaux Arborantes

Eau de Peau

Eau Imaginaire

Tailor-made service