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Fougère Nobile

Fougère Nobile

Fougère Nobile

“A fougère accord that for its time was avant-garde. With aquatic, sparkling, evocative top notes of fizzy water and bitter soda to accentuate his positive vision of the future. A fougère accord that symbolises his devotion to his family, because it is in itself a reference to nature as sanctuary, thanks to its notes of natural origin.

A fougère accord to reveal his great charm and search for that special detail that made him attractive. This is a man who stands out for his sophistication. He wears a fragrance that belongs to nobody, emphasising his individuality, courage and strong personality, attractive to many women.

Finally, a fougère accord for his link with tradition. The past guides him, in order to build a better future. A past made up of evocative smells such as tobacco, the scent of shaving cream, notes of vanilla and the tonka bean."

Aqua, Parfum, Limonene(5989-27-5), Linalool(78-70-6), Geraniol(106-24-1), Coumarin(91-64-5), Eugenol(97-53-0), Citronellol(106-22-9), Citral(5392-40-5)

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