WMII - Andrea Casotti

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WMII - Andrea Casotti

Floral, Ambery

WMII - Andrea Casotti

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€83.33 (Tax Excl.)

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Olfactory Notes


In 2017, Jovoy Parfums Rares, in collaboration with its official exclusive distributors and retailers in Iran and Italy, are launching an artistic project with the aim of creating collaborative perfumes in each country.


-       Amélie Bourgeois (FLAIR)

-       Anne-Sophie Behaghel (FLAIR)

-       Thierry Bernard (Parfumeurs du Monde)

-       Andrea CASOTTI (The House of Oud) - WINNER

WMII ITALY: Andrea Casotti X Jovoy

We used the results collected in the questionnaire to make a mood board as the only source of inspiration for perfumers to create a unique perfume.

This is a unique artistic project that aim to go back to the very roots and DNA of how an artistic perfume should be done, free from marketing rules, budget, gender…. Because in the end....
What Matters Is Inside