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Recital Clauses


Registered Address: 16 Avenue de Friedland 75008 Paris, Inter-community VAT No. FR 03 488 451 063.

SIRET No.: 488 451 063 00041 - NAF 4775Z

These general sales conditions shall apply to all sales of products made to natural persons hereafter referred to as the “Consumer” via the website www.jovoyparis.com (website of the JOVOY Paris trademark, owner of the company Parfétique Sarl) or its derived addresses (hereafter the “Site”).

PARFETIQUE Sarl offers consumers browsing the Site sales of fragrance products (hereafter the “Products”).

For the purposes of these conditions, it is hereby agreed that the Consumer and PARFETIQUE Sarl shall hereafter be referred to collectively as the “Parties” and individually as the “Party”.

It is stipulated that the Products are intended exclusively for personal use by the Consumer and may not be acquired with a view to resale.

By ordering a Product from the Site, the Consumer acknowledges their awareness of the general sales conditions and accepts these unreservedly. Acceptance thereof shall in no way be dependent upon hand-written signature by the consumer.
It is stipulated that the Consumer may save or print these general sales conditions, provided, however that these are not modified.

Consultation of the Site by the Consumer shall also be governed by the Site's terms of use which the Consumer accepts unreservedly.


These general sales conditions set out the terms of sale for the Products carrying the JOVOY Paris trademark (registered by Parfétique Sarl) to the Consumer, and all rights and obligations of the Parties arising from the sale of the Products offered on the Site.

They shall govern all of the necessary stages in placement of the order and shall ensure that this order is monitored by the parties.


2.1 Description of the Products

PARFETIQUE Sarl offers on the Site the Products for sale and provides a detailed description of these in the Product files.

2.2. Availability

PARFETIQUE Sarl shall be entitled at any time to modify or to discontinue sale of the Products offered on the Site, although such modifications shall not affect any orders already accepted by PARFETIQUE Sarl prior to entry into effect of the aforesaid modifications.

2.3 Pricing

2.3.1 All prices shall be specified in Euros (EUR). The applicable prices shall be those specified on the Site at the time of placement of the order by the Consumer notwithstanding any typographical errors. These prices shall be understood to include VAT but shall be exclusive of transportation costs and charges which shall be invoiced additionally.

2.3.2 PARFETIQUE Sarl shall reserve the right to change its pricing at any time and without notice,  although an such changes shall not affect any orders already accepted by PARFETIQUE Sarl prior to entry into effect of the aforesaid changes, subject to the products ordered being available.

2.3.3. Customs and Import Fees.
Before making a purchase on our website, please kindly consult the local rules and legislation in place concerning the importation of perfume in your country. Rules and Regulations on products subjects to customs and import fees are changing from one country to another and may vary quite frequently. An invoice, stating the value of the goods and shipping costs is attached to the parcel and will be used by local authorities to calculate local import taxes and duties that are not included in our price and are thus at your sole expense.


3.1 Ordering Terms

By browsing the Site, the Consumer shall be able to find out which Products are offered for sale on the date on which the Site is consulted.

Browsing the various pages of the Site shall not oblige the Consumer to place an order.

When browsing the Site, the Consumer who wishes to place an order may do so simply by clicking on the “Add to basket” icon which appears alongside each displayed Product.

Once this operation has been carried out, the Consumer shall see the added article move to the top left in the “Basket” area. The contents of the basket may be viewed at any time by clicking on “Basket”. 

The Consumer may then continue shopping or click on “Basket” to see the articles in the order displayed, along with the total price excluding transport costs, the Product type ordered and their quantity. The Consumer may review this order, adding to, amending or cancelling it, as long as it has not been validated. If the Consumer wishes to select any other Product(s), they simply click on “Continue shopping”, safe in the knowledge that the Product(s) that they have just selected are logged in the “Basket” area.

The Consumer may, at any time in the ordering process and until payment of the same subject to the conditions set out in article 4, review the order, adding, to, amending or cancelling it, as long as it has not been finally validated.

Once the Products have been selected, the Consumer may order these by clicking on “Basket" to view the order and then on “Order”. A summary page will then open asking the Consumer to check the contents of their basket. 
After viewing the status of their order, the Consumer will be asked:

Either to click on the next “Next” button where the Consumer will be asked to create a profile. The Consumer may create a new account, or log on with their email address and password if they already have a profile. 

Or click on the “Continue shopping” button in the navigation bar in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Where a new customer account is created, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided in the form. This email contains a link, and the Consumer is requested to click on this link in order to activate their account.

Where a password has been lost, the password may be reset by clicking on “Forgotten password?” located below the “Log-on” button. The email address must then be provided to which the new password is to be sent.

Whilst you are logged on (connected), you may specify your Delivery and Billing address, with the possibility of updating your data. At this stage, you may also submit a message and/or specifications regarding your current order.

You will be asked to click on “Next” or “Back” at the bottom of the page.

By choosing the “Next” button you will have access to the proposed transportation method for the delivery address for your order. You will also be able to see the General Sales Terms for the www.jovoyparis.com website.

At this stage in the validation process of the order, by clicking once again on the “Next” button, the Consumer will reach the “Payment” section.

The consumer will be offered two payment methods: Paypal or Paybox.

The Consumer must then pay for their order, subject to the conditions of article 4 of the general sales conditions.

The information registered by PARFETIQUE Sarl shall constitute proof of all transactions occurring between PARFETIQUE Sarl and the Consumer.

3.2. Order Confirmation 

3.2.1. Once the order has been confirmed and the payment has been validated in accordance with the terms of article 4 below (in the case of payment by bank card, provide the number of the bank card, the expiry date, and where applicable the visual cryptogram), a summary of the Consumer's order which may be printed and saved will then appear, stating the order reference details.

The Consumer will receive a confirmation email for the order sent by PARFETIQUE Sarl. This will include the following information: 

Order No.; 

Order summary; 

Order amount, inclusive of all taxes; 

Postage costs; 

Payment confirmation

Terms and conditions for exercising the right to cancellation, in accordance with the stipulations of articles L121-20 of the French Consumer Code; 

Delivery terms for the Product(s) ordered (anticipated delivery date - maximum 30 days from validation of the order). 

3.2.2. PARFETIQUE Sarl shall retain ownership of the Product(s) ordered until full payment of the price and additional costs, including postage, has been received.

3.2.3. In order to safeguard PARFETIQUE Sarl against any practices that are abusive or fraudulent or that do not comply with the sales channels that it has set in place, in the event where PARFETIQUE Sarl suspects any such practice in relation to an order, PARFETIQUE Sarl shall reserve the right to request additional documentation from the Consumer (proofs of address and debits in the name of the Consumer, photocopy of Consumer’s Identity Document, photocopy of Consumer’s bank card, or other such proofs) in order to rule out any suspicion of such practices. 
Failing any response by the Consumer within fifteen (15) days after issuance of the request by PARFETIQUE Sarl, the order shall be cancelled and PARFETIQUE Sarl shall reimburse the order into the bank account debited for the order. 

3.3 Proof of order

Generally speaking, it is expressly agreed by PARFETIQUE Sarl and the Consumer that emails shall prevail between the Parties in addition to the Site’s automated recording systems, particularly as regards the order particulars.

The Consumer may, where applicable, in accordance with the regulations of ordinary law, have access to the electronic contract concluded between the Consumer and PARFETIQUE Sarl. In order to do so the Consumer shall contact the Consumer Department by email at commandes@jovoyparis.com, providing them with all information needed in order to do so, namely the order number and the consumer’s particulars.


4.1. Payment in Euros must be made via Internet when the order is placed by bank card (VISA, MasterCard, Carte Bleue) or via a PAYPAL account.

In the case of a conventional bank transfer, a period of approximately seven (7) days will be needed between validation of purchase and confirmation of payment. Without confirmation of execution of the Consumer’s bank transfer, PARFETIQUE Sarl shall not be able to proceed with dispatching of the order.

In the absence of confirmation by the Consumer’s bank within fifteen (15) days following acceptance of the order, the aforesaid order shall be cancelled. 

4.2. PARFETIQUE Sarl shall reserve the right to refuse any order or delivery in the event of the limits set out in the recital clauses of these general sales terms being exceeded, or of any dispute existing with the Consumer, or of either total or partial non-payment of a previous order by the Consumer, or of card payment authorization being declined by banking institutions, or of non-payment or partial payment.

4.3. The Consumer assures PARFETIQUE Sarl that they have all authorizations needed in order to use the method of payment chosen at the time of validation of the order. In the event of the bank declining payment,  the order shall automatically be cancelled.

4.4. PARFETIQUE Sarl uses Paybox and Paypal payment systems.


5.1. Delivery Terms

The Products ordered by the Consumer shall be delivered to the postal address provided by the Consumer when placing the online order either by the post office or by couriers.

The Consumer may track the status of their delivery on the Site, once logged in by clicking on “My account” (in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen) and then on “My orders”.

If Products are delivered (for France and Monaco), when the Consumer is absent, the Products shall be left at the Post Office covering the delivery address provided by the Consumer. In this case the postal worker will leave a note to say they called in the letter box of the Consumer allowing them to collect their package during the opening hours of the post office within a period of fifteen (15) days.

If Products are delivered by courier, and the Consumer is not in, the courier will leave a note to say they called in the letterbox of the Consumer. The Consumer will then need to contact the courier to agree a new delivery date. It is nevertheless stipulated that if the Consumer does not contact the courier, this latter shall make two further attempts to deliver with the dates and time determined at the courier’s own discretion.

The package will be kept by the Post Office for fifteen (15) days following the first delivery attempt and by the courier for ten (10) days following the first delivery attempt.
Since delivery is to be undertaken by a third party service provider, PARFETIQUE Sarl shall not be held liable in any way in the event of non-compliance or dissatisfactory compliance with this obligation being attributable to the Consumer or owing to unforeseeable and insurmountable circumstances affecting a third party to the contract or to a case of force majeure.

5.2. Deadlines

The Products shall be transported using standard postal services or couriers whose delivery times, as a guide, shall be as follows:
Postal services / couriers
Standard: 2 to 5 business days from dispatching
Express: 2 business days from dispatching

Sundays and holidays shall not be classed as business days.

In any event, the order shall be processed within a maximum of thirty (30) days from the day after the day the t Consumer places their order, subject to payment in full of the price.

5.3. Delivery deadline

Once a maximum period of thirty (30) days has passed, and the ordered Product(s) has/have still not been dispatched, the Consumer may cancel their order by registered recorded delivery letter sent to the following address:

Service Commandes Internet

154 rue de Paris

92190 Meudon


Upon receipt of this letter from the Consumer and where the delivery has not arrived in the meantime, PARFETIQUE Sarl shall reimburse the bank account debited for the order, as soon as possible which shall exclude all other forms of compensation.

In the event of partial delivery having been made, a number of deliveries may be made and the Consumer shall only be entitled to cancel their order for the undelivered amount.

Any delay in delivery shall be notified as soon as possible by the Consumer via email sent to commande@parfetique.com, to enable PARFETIQUE Sarl to conduct enquiries vis-à-vis the postal or courier services. The Consumer must be informed that the time required to conduct an enquiry will vary, and is beyond the control of PARFETIQUE Sarl. If, during the course of this enquiry, the package is located, it shall immediately be re-dispatched to the delivery address designated in the order placed by the Consumer.

However, where following enquiry, the package containing the Product(s) is/are found to have been lost, PARFETIQUE Sarl shall, at its own expense, re-dispatch the Product(s) to the Consumer or in the event of permanent unavailability, shall refund the Consumer, into the account debited on placement of the order, for the amounts received in accordance with the terms of these general sales conditions.

5.4. Reception

Each delivery shall be deemed to have been made upon provision of the Product(s) to the Consumer by the shipper, as shown by the tracking system used by the shipper.

It is up to the Consumer to check immediately upon reception of the Product(s) that all Products dispatched are received and in good condition.

In the event of any delay, breakage or missing items, the Consumer must list complete and accurate reservations on the delivery note. In any event, the Consumer may only exercise its rights against the shipper to whom they must submit their reservations. Any reservations must be confirmed by recorded delivery letter sent to the shipper within three (3) days from reception.

All reservations of this kind must also be reported to the Consumer Department of PARFETIQUE Sarl by the same deadline and in the same manner to the following address: 

Service Commandes Internet

154 rue de Paris

92190 Meudon


A copy of the complaint sent to the shipper must be attached.

Any complaint made after this deadline or without following the required form shall be dismissed and PARFETIQUE Sarl shall not be held liable in any way. 


The Consumer shall be entitled to a cancellation period of seven (7) business days, from delivery of the order, to return the ordered Product(s) at their own expense

In this case the Product(s) must imperatively be returned complete and in perfect condition in their original packaging together with the delivery note, the invoice and an accompanying letter to the following address:

Service Commandes Internet

154 rue de Paris

92190 Meudon


PARFETIQUE Sarl undertakes to refund the Consumer, into the bank account debited for the order, within a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date on which the cancellation right was availed of, subject to compliance with the conditions set out above.


The Product(s) shall be covered by the conditions and guarantees provided for under French law.

PARFETIQUE Sarl, as a professional vendor, guarantees that the Products comply with their designated use, and present no hidden faults or defects rendering them dangerous or unsuitable for their intended use.

Moreover, in the event of any non-compliant Product, the Consumer must contact the Consumer Department of PARFETIQUE Sarl at the following address contact@jovoyparis.com or the following postal address: 

Service Commandes Internet

154 rue de Paris

92190 Meudon


The Consumer Department shall then inform the Consumer of the procedure to be followed.

The Products must imperatively be returned in their original packaging and wrapping along with a copy of the invoice.

PARFETIQUE Sarl cannot accept packages where postage is payable on delivery.

All risks associated with the return of the Product(s) shall be borne by the Consumer.

On reception of the Product(s) deemed to be non-compliant, PARFETIQUE Sarl shall inspect the Product(s) as soon as possible. If the non-compliant nature of the Product(s) is confirmed, PARFETIQUE Sarl shall then refund into the bank account debited for the order, the non-compliant Product(s) within a period of thirty (30) days following receipt of the non-compliant Product(s) and the initial delivery costs.


PARFETIQUE Sarl shall not be held liable for any inconvenience or harm arising inherently from use of the Internet, namely disruption of service, external hacking or the presence of a computer virus.

Without limiting the scope of the foregoing stipulations, the liability of PARFETIQUE Sarl under the terms of these general sales conditions shall not exceed a sum equal to the amount paid or payable during the transaction underlying the aforesaid liability, whatever the cause or the type of action in question may be.

PARFETIQUE Sarl shall not be held liable in the event of any failure to meet its obligations, as set out herein, as a result of cases of force majeure.


9.1. Data Protection: 

Provision of the personal particulars collected within the context of remote sale is compulsory, as this information is required in order to process and deliver orders and for the preparation of invoices. This information is strictly confidential and may only be used by PARFETIQUE Sarl or its subcontractors, who shall be bound by the same obligations, for processing of the orders placed. Failure to provide information shall automatically result in the order being rejected. 

In accordance with Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, the Consumer shall have the right to access, modify, correct and delete personal information pertaining to them that is collected by PARFETIQUE Sarl.

To exercise this right, the Consumer may, if they so choose, send an email to the Consumer Department of PARFETIQUE Sarl at the following address contact@jovoyparis.com or send a letter to the following address: 

JOVOY Paris 
Service Commandes Internet
4 Rue de Castiglione 
75001 PARIS

PARFETIQUE Sarl undertakes not to disclose the personal details of the Consumer to third party companies without their prior consent.

The Consumer may be sent news emails from PARFETIQUE Sarl concerning the Products and activities of its various brands. The Consumer shall reserve the right to refuse such communication either by not giving their consent when placing the order, or by expressing their refusal via email sent to 
contact@jovoyparis.com or by letter sent to the following address: 

Service Commandes Internet

154 rue de Paris

92190 Meudon


9.2. Force majeure:

Neither one of the Parties shall be held liable in the event of either total or partial non-compliance with their obligations, where such non-compliance is as a result of unforeseeable circumstances or aforce majeure scenario for example, but not exhaustively, flooding, fire, storm, lack of raw materials, transport strikes, partial or total industrial action, or a lock-out. The Party affected by such an event shall be required to inform the other Party as soon as possible and at the latest within five (5) business days from the occurrence of the aforesaid event.

The Parties agree that they shall come together as soon as possible in order to work out together the terms for execution of the order during a force majeure event.

Where the force majeure event continues for more than one (1) month, PARFETIQUE Sarl may choose not to honor the order, and PARFETIQUE Sarl shall be required where necessary to refund to the Consumer the sums paid by this latter for the order in question. 

9.3. Partial nullity: 

In the event of one or more of the stipulations of these general sales terms being held to be null or being pronounced to be so pursuant to any law or regulation or following a final ruling handed down by a competent court, the other stipulations shall retain their legal force and scope.

9.4. Modifications to the general sales conditions:

PARFETIQUE Sarl shall reserve the right to modify these general sales conditions. Any new version of the same shall be signaled on the Site.

The version online on the Site shall prevail, as necessary, over any other version of these general sales conditions.

9.5. Integral nature of the contract: 

The general sales conditions and order summary passed on to the Consumer shall form a contractual whole which shall constitute the entirety of the contractual relations between the Parties.

9.6. Cookies: 

PARFETIQUE Sarl may place a cookie on the Consumer’s computer when they browse the Site. This cookie enables PARFETIQUE Sarl to record information about how the Consumer navigates the Site (pages consulted, date and time of consultation, etc.) These are also intended to make navigation and use of the Site easier, particularly in order to personalize certain pages. The Consumer may reject cookies by configuring their browser accordingly.

9.7. Applicable law - Disputes:

The law applicable to these general sales conditions and to sales thereto pertaining shall be French law.

Any dispute that may arise as regards their validity, interpretation or execution that cannot be settled amicably by the Parties shall be heard by the Court of First Instance of Paris or the Courts deemed competent by application of ordinary law.

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