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Discover all our Exclusive Offers

  • Discover the "La répétition", Vol 1 : High Frequencies Discovery Set by L'Orchestre Parfum, for any purchase of a perfume from the brand!

  • Let's Celebrate the Cologne Collection by Roja Parfums ! If you buy one perfume from this new collection you will get the Vial discovery set.

  • Map of the Heart challenges and explores what it is to live - what makes our hearts beat. A Refillable travel spray will be offered for any purchase of a 90ml bottle. 

  • Histoires de Parfums offers you a discovery box (of 8 samples) for every purchase of a 120ml perfume from the brand. A real olfactory library to discover the brand's range!

  • AEMIUM is the first French luxury perfume house that is both natural and eco-friendly. In order to discover the whole range of scent, you will get a complementary discovery kit for any purchase of one perfume of the brand.

  • Immediate boarding for  Catalonia, with the amazing creation of Ramon Monegal !if you buy one bottle of this house, you will receive a  Faïsa, Pure Joy miniature, an ode to light and joy. Olé !

  • The British house Clive Christian is gifting you one Votive Candle when you purchase one perfume in their Range ! The best way to extend the Clive christian atmosphere in your home.

  • Sylvaine Delacourte reimagined classic Raw material with the most noble creation. discover her univers centred around three collection : Vanilla, Orange blossom and Musk. If you buy one perfume you will get a complementary 7,5ml from the brand !

  • To celebrate the launch of their brand new Botanical Series collection , the Australian house Goldfield & Banks offers you purse spray 7,5ml, if you buy one perfume of the brand ( Pacific Rock Moss or Bohemian Lime to choose and ask for it in the comment section). Fly away for the wild lands of this mythical island.

  • The perfect offer for Oud lovers ! If you buy one perfume from the Fragrance du Bois Collection, you will get a complementary Serum Pen ! 

  • Let's Celebrate the new Essence Parfum Collection by Roja Parfums ! If you buy one perfume from this new collection you will get the Vial discovery set.
  • Bon Parfumeur is delighted to spoil you! For every purchase of a 603 or 003 perfume in 100ml, the Parisian house offers you a 15ml spray of one of its fragrances.
  • (Re) Discover the Sépia collection by Olfactive Studio ! For any purchase of a 100ml bottle in that collection, receive a 15 ml of your choice (from the Sépia collection).

  • Let's take care of your hand with this Ananda hand Gel, offered with all purchases of one perfume in the Nectar Collection by M.Micallef.

  • Let's have a unique scented journey with Welton London. If you buy at least 300€ ( fragrances and/or room fragrances) you will get a free Secret Amber (15ml).

  • The Divine land of Tuscany. Breathtaking landscapesDiVina Terra offers you a mini 15 ml for the purchase of one perfume. Emotion and beauty in a bottle.

  • Unique journeys with distinctive emotions, that is the promise of the La Closerie des Parfums' creations. Continue the exploration thanks to the mini kit offered if you buy one perfume 100ml. Boarding time!

  • To celebrate the preview launch of Ambre Superfluide, Les Eaux Primordiales offers to you one mini vapo of their novelty !

  • To celebrate the launch of the brand at Jovoy , PH Fragrances offers you a 15 ml Gardenia & Jasmin de caschemire. 

  • To celebrate the new creation Guaria Morada, the house Berdoues spoils you ! Let's have a blue summer with this complementary Azur Riviera.

The offers are valid while the stocks last. If the gift is not visible on your cart, it means that the offers is no longer available. 

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