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Bougie Sumptuous Spices

Bougie Sumptuous Spices

Bougie Sumptuous Spices

  • Head Notes Coffee
  • Heart Notes Ginger
  • Base Notes Tonka Bean
    Tonka Bean
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Let’s travel and follow the Spice Route to discover a delicate blend of ginger, cardamom combined with incense and coffee flowers. The journey brings us to Venice, a travel back in time to the XVth century, struck by the splendor. This beauty and spirit is embodied by the gold leaves and deep red lacquer of the containers.

Scented Candle 1.2 kg. (4 wicks). Classic wax, 100% cotton wick. 10 % fragrance. Estimated burning time : 100 hours. Made in France


Special care : Our scented candles need a special care due to 10 % perfume. Let the candle burn until the whole surface is liquid. Once you have put it out, make sure that the 4 wicks are straight and properly centred, and cut them down to 0.5 cm before lighting again. This will ensure that your candle burns efficiently, with no smoke.

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