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Thameen : Body and hair

Thameen : Body and hair

Thameen offers a range of body creams and hair mists and introduces its Baby Collection.

Baby Collection

For the children and their parents, Sapphire and Ruby perfume the skin and the hair. Ruby smells like peach, juicy melon with a powdery note of sandalwood. With Sapphire, orange blossom, cherry blossom and violet are soften by a delicate touch of vanilla with calming properties.

Body Creams

Enriched with argan oil and shea butter, Thameen's body creams are intensely perfumed. You can combine it with the matching perfume for even more intensity. Which one will be yours ? The smooth rose of Rivière, the elegant wood of Carved Oud or the radiant floral bouquet of The Cora ?

Hair Mist

The fragrances Carved Oud, Peacock Throne, Amber Room & Rivièreexist as hair mist. They are enriched with Keratin. You can use them on the hair and on the beard for a more enchanting sillage.

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