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Annicke, the new feminine collection by Eight & Bob

Annicke, the new feminine collection by Eight & Bob

Annicke Collection take over the fascinating story of Albert Fouquet, the gentleman perfumer.

During winter 1936, while he is in Megève for a business trip, he met Annicke and felt in Love. This young Austrian Lady will inspire feminine creations : Each time they saw each other, he created a fragrance for her to express all the aspects of her personality.

Eight & Bob wanted to revive this love story and thus crated 3 new Perfumes :

Annicke 1 A fresh and innocent composition of lily of the valley and cyclamen on a delicate musky base.

Annicke 2  a solar and gourmand tuberose spiced up by everlasting flower and hazelnut.

Annicke 3 In the creamy bosom of sandalwood pour out gardenia and a fruity jasmine.

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