silencethesea potion pendant 38"

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silencethesea potion...

silencethesea potion pendant 38"

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€233.33 (Tax Excl.)


Wearing our potion pendant activates the true magic of our pure perfume oils. Experience the alchemy of strangelove's scents by keeping your potion warm against your skin to maximize its power. Combined with your unique body chemistry, the potion pendant allows its wearer to create uniquely strange, spellbinding moments.

our bond will...silencethesea

silencethesea captures the intimacy of the lover's gaze: soundless, eternal, profound.

The pure ambergris in silencethesea is the foundation for an animalic fragrance distilled from marine mysteries and subterranean depths. This provocative formula achieves its leathery edge by incorporating black oud and blue chamomile; gentle notes of natural narcissus, tuberose absolute, and mimosa place silencethesea in a class by itself. Musk, white truffle and purifying angelica further invigorate this daring fragrance.

Wearing silencethesea is a modern olfactory adventure like none other, provoking a deeply primal, hypnotic effect.

Our custom-designed 24 karat gold-plated potion pendant is held on a thick 38" chain and contains 1.25ml of pure silencethesea perfume oil.