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  • NEW IN I Saffron Superfluide

    09/30/2020 Jovoy

    Bold and sophisticated, Saffron Superfluide is a mysterious and sensual fragrance that draws its originality from the connexion between saffron and... Read more

    09/29/2020 Jovoy

    We are delighted to introduce our brand new fragrance, 21 Conduit St, created by Oli Marlow & Marie Schnirer. Forget everything you already knew... Read more
  • NEW BRAND I Chapel Factory

    09/29/2020 Jovoy

    Anaïs Biguine takes us in a new prestigious universe with her new brand Chapel Factory dedicated to incense. A range composed... Read more
  • Tihota is back !

    09/25/2020 Jovoy

    The famous Tihota is finally back in stock ! Don't waist a minut, there won't be enough for everybody. Read more
  • Fantomas - Nasomatto

    09/18/2020 Jovoy

    Fantomas by Nasomatto , a faceless smell that conquers your soul. Read more
  • The big Book of perfume

    09/09/2020 Jovoy

    The big Book of perfume by Nezlarevue is now available at Jovoy ! The team from Nez, the olfactory magazine invites you on a very special journey... Read more
  • Escentric & Molecule 05

    08/31/2020 Jovoy

    Escentric & Molecule 05 are now available at Jovoy Parfums Rares . Come and try those two new fragrances by Escentric Molecules... Read more
  • New in - Tabac Rose

    08/28/2020 Jovoy

    Tabac Rose by BDK is A dense and potent elixir that pays tribute to the most famous of all flowers. When delectable plum and chocolate join forces... Read more
  • Nothing but Sea and Sky

    08/28/2020 Jovoy

    Nothing, but Sea and Sky  is a tribute to Montauk under its coat of snow. It is a reassuring fragrance, a stole of white musk infused in... Read more
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