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  • La closerie des Parfums' mists

    08/08/2020 Jovoy

    Discover the new ritual by La closerie des Parfums. Two body and hair mists that will enhance the sillage of your fragrances, bringing shine and... Read more
  • New : Electro fragrances

    08/03/2020 Jovoy

    L'orchestre Parfum takes you in the studio where the electronic waves of house or techno resonate. Discover Electro Limonade... Read more
  • pH Fragrances

    07/31/2020 Jovoy

    We are very happy to introduce the latest brand arrived at Jovoy Parfums Rares : pH fragrances ! 8 scents... Read more
  • Exclusive Jovoy - Ambre Superfluide

    07/29/2020 Jovoy

    We are so happy to be the first to introduce the new creation by Les Eaux Primordiales : Ambre Superfluide. To be discovered for the first time and... Read more
  • NEW IN I Chrysalide

    07/25/2020 Jovoy

    Do we have some vetiver fans here ? You must try Chrysalide, the latest L'arc Parfums creation. a Sumptuous woody fragrance where rose and spices... Read more
  • NEW I Zeste de Gingembre

    07/24/2020 Jovoy

    The energising zest of fresh ginger in a bottle. Zeste de gingembre by Heeley is a frech and sparkling fragrance that will be your best friend for... Read more
  • Brin de Peau

    07/21/2020 Jovoy

    This perfume narrates a moment of walking on the Santiago de Compostela path. A poetic conversation, mysterious and sensual, between the scent of... Read more

    07/19/2020 Jovoy

    Introducing the new Limited Edition : MARTINE MICALLEF & RUH ZADEH. Like a multi-faceted work of art, this elegant eau de parfum juxtaposes... Read more
  • Guaria Morada

    07/17/2020 Jovoy

    Immediate take-off for Costa Rica and its lush jungle. The promise of floral sweetness and fruity delicacy for a unique journey into the heart of... Read more
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