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NdP is born from the study and research of PRO FVMVM ROMA. It’s a new branch from the big PRO FVMVM ROMA tree.

This introduction is important to understand that there will be not two concurrent lines, but two complementary ones.

NdP reveals SIX new fragrances that are no more inspired by an olfactory dejà vu which connects us to a memory, but inspired by an “olfactory hallucination”.

This vision becomes an odour, a poetic concept, sometimes romantic, which expresses itself through a smell.

The communication which sustains and gives identity to this idea(action) is no more written, but something more visionary and immediate: an image. This is fast and dynamic, the expression of modernity and technique.

NdP is the futurism of the odour combined with the vision. In this way new scenarios are opened. Immense and wide; a travel with our deepest emotions.

NdP is a nonconformist and fearless collection. Direct. Essential. Elegant and simple in the aspect. Immediate and incisive in the fragrances. Exceptional in the quality of the essences. As always.

NdP has perfumes, which develop and express their olfactory fan quickly compared with PRO FVMVM ROMA ones.

This is the result of a deep research, which gives birth to loyal fragrances, at the same time fast in the evolution.

If most of PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrances need even15/20 minutes for a complete development and stabilization, NdP is ready in 3 minutes.

Tailor-made service