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Born from a passion, that burns inside of me since many years. A passion that i share on the French blog named "Olfactorum" since 2008.

emotions, enchanting moments, and the willing to share the most beautiful raw materials of the perfumer's field are my inspiration.


Perfume : a mystery, which never left my life.  Though, at the age of 33, something 's like a revelation is happening to me, when I visit the Osmothèque in Versailles and discovered for the first time the raw materials. Eugenol, coumarin, iso-eugénol, labdanum, I can read, understand them and put them together to build something I have on my mind.


A training on raw materials becomes inevitable to me. I was trained by Monique Schlinger from Cinquième Sens in Paris during almost ten years.


I learnt the strength and weakness of those raw materials.  Some of them are marvellous. After ten years, a sort of "personal drawing of a perfume" has grown inside me, and I am now able to offer four fragrances since my vision has taken shape.


With those fragrances, I invite you to follow me, to "feel"  the fragrances, the places and raw materials I like. A mysterious carnivorous flower, a crackling leather, a sweet daffodil flower and an enchanting fruity rose.  All of these are made with some of the most beautiful raw materials, and represent alternative creations. That may do the difference !





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