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Volnay is a perfume house founded in 1919 by Germaine Madeline Duval, a rebellious and adventurous woman, and the first female passenger to fly over the Andes. A love for travel, her destiny was determined during an Atlantic crossing. On a ship bound for New York, she met the man who would become her second husband, René Duval. He worked for René Coty; she was a model for Lanvin. From that encounter was born a beautiful love story: the Volnay Perfume House. These two lovers were fond of elegance and sophistication with a keen sense of excellence and prestige - a rarity combined with a great sense of marketing. This beautiful, strong-willed woman, inspired by the revolution of Art Nouveau which transformed the arts, fashion and architecture of the time, proved to be a true business woman.

Unknowingly, Germaine Madeline Duval was the founder of a dynasty of passionate perfumers. Today they are her great-grandchildren, Muriel and Madeline Olivier, who are bringing back to life Volnay perfumes. They reinterpret the original essences, which were carefully preserved at the International Conservatory of Perfumes in Versailles, and infuse them with modernity without betraying their original character. Passionately immersed in this exquisite adventure, Olivier, a professional perfumer, knows his olfactory accords like the back of his hands. Muriel brings the refinement and elegance of the keen art woman.

With their “nose”, Amelie Bourgeois, they remain true to the original fragrance while modernizing it and by the declining five accords that cater to the modern and sophisticated woman who gives depth to her life and her choices.

Carved glass bottles, metal, silk, luxury cases, delicate colors – every detail has been carefully designed to make Volnay the aura of the French, Parisian and refined perfumer it was in the twenties. As attentive perfumers, the heirs of Germaine Madeline Duval are committed to keeping the names of their original fragrances and olfactory identity as a partition would have kept its notes and changed the instrumentation.

Volnay is part of the world of luxury and tradition, not the trendy and the transient. Rich in many natural materials, noble, sometimes rare, Volnay perfumes are an adornment, exquisitely designed to evolve throughout the day, to sublimate the evening and welcome the night in a persistent and faithful wake.


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